My Body Is A Christmas Tree

by Ishani

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i got back to england around 25/11/12 - shortly after this, i was challenged to make/record a christmas album in twenty days or under by the beloved jake evans. needless to say, i won (albeit with an eight-track tape recorder and no actual microphones, which should probably be considered cheating).
apologies for poor quality, it's mostly down to lack of time and facilities (and skill).


released December 12, 2012

vocals/instruments/recording/production/cover art/photography - ishani
bonus art - otmom, the og otter mom



all rights reserved


Ishani London, UK

all over the place

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Track Name: My Body Is A Christmas Tree
My body is a Christmas tree
The lights are slowly blinding me
They burn in rows against my skin
They make the lives drip off of me
My body is a Christmas tree
They'll take me down on Boxing Day
When the presents go for free
And the carollers have gone away

I wanna go home

My body is a Christmas tree
There's a world out there I'll never see
A world beyond this holiday
A world of options that I'll never be
My body is a Christmas tree
I'm not looking for your charity
Just a little bit of sympathy
And a little bit of clarity

And I think about time
I think about ice
I think of what I'd have done better
If I'd only thought twice

My body is a Christmas tree
But nobody is listening
So I'm condemned to battle scars
And waning mediocrity
My body is a Christmas tree
I'm working on my symmetry
I'm standing for my ticket home
I'm losing my agility
Track Name: The Winter Solstice (21/12/12)
This wintertime I'm sleeping in
I've had enough
I've heard the french hens and the calling birds
They wake me up
I think you're precious and I know that you are mine
Even if the world is going to end this wintertime

Are you ready?

I've started to debate
I've got the shakes, I've got the shakes
I'm never one to bend or break
But I'm waiting, waiting for the world to end
We'll all join hands and stand in circles
And pretend we are friends
We'll all join hands and stand in circles
Waiting for the world to end

I can't take advice
From anyone who thinks I'm gonna die
All these passing eyes, these speeding cars
Will tell you I'm alive
I can't take advice
From anyone who thinks I'm gonna die
Because the solstice told them so

I'm celebrating everything I've ever known
In case I find myself gone, in case I find myself gone
Track Name: Christmas Waltz (Everything I Write Is In 3/4)
Grab yourself by the hand
And pretend it was planned
'Cause you really don't know how to dance
Put your feet on the floor
Don't admit you're a bore to that girl
Or you'll just lose your chance

Put yourself on the line
Or send me a sign
And I'll make out it wasn't your fault
But if you follow me then I'll make a big scene
And I'll teach you the Christmas Waltz
Track Name: NYE
The scissors are sleeping this fine New Year's Eve
The mirrors are weeping because I've not looked in so long
But they shine with the light of the armory
They're watching me practise my belated carvery
The windows are cracking, they let me breathe easy
I settle my debts with a bottle of whiskey
Mixed in with champagne, a head start on my bravery
I write with my tongue and I sign with my name

And I know it's alright, that's what everyone tells me
I think it's just fine that the walls are my friends
And I'm making my aims, and I'm making my wishes
I hope I see you at the end of next year

It's cold and it's lively and outside it's bleak
And I'd just find a corner and sleep for a week
But I can't for I must show my face at the party
And have my relatives tell me the things that I ought to know
A distant cousin's become a machine
Another one works in a formal latrine
But they're one and the same and their stories go over
My head as I try not to feel too much older

A decade has passed and it feels like a minute
I can't think of the last time that I felt myself
Feel at home or at sea on a boat in the wintertime
A friend makes me drinks and I shrink away from the wine
The chimes start to ring and the people to count down
The couples all kiss even though their affection's
Long lost by the standards of everything they hold dear
I turn to you and I wish you a happy new year
Track Name: I Heard The Children Saying Grace Again
I heard the children saying grace again
Prayers for their gifts, their homes their families
My mother asked me for my lightning bolt
To light the house with my electricity
I watched the sun come down at four
I licked the crumbs off my fingers again
I cleaned the leaves from the floor
I saw the cars pile into the drive again

I carried palmfuls of winter between my hands
And waited for you to ask
For my hopes to turn into ash
I wore my overcoat
And prayed that it would last
For nothing goes quite as fast
As the ghost of your Christmas past

I turned the invite from church down again
I saw the snowfall coming round again
I take the freedom and the liberty
To count every snowflake that I see
And then the ground is clear and white
I can't remember how I got here
All my footprints out of sight
Hidden by the blanket I held so dear